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At Residia, we believe in a new breed of real estate – more human, connected, efficient and sustainable. We design well-thought projects, with in mind space optimization, intelligent building, human wellbeing and respect for the environment. Our intelligently-built rooftop, floor and unit ensembles, and convenience boutique space on the ground floor are designed to guarantee you an optimal resident living experience. In the pursuit of excellence, Residia devotes a great deal of time to all the little details that make a true difference.

Meet a committed team

The Residia team is dynamic, driven and fully committed. All our stakeholders are at the center of our daily interactions, actions and decisions. No wonder we are so attentive and dedicated to our customers as well as to our employees and collaborators, our strategic partners and suppliers, our investors, and our community and industry. Rest assured that we are in there for the long haul, for generations to come of happy residents.

By banging on the nail, you end up driving it in.
Charles Duchesne
Main partner

Our core

Collaboration and shared success

Residia’s team of enthusiasts, with their unique abilities to collaborate – together and with all stakeholders, and resolve challenges maximize our response to customers’ needs, our residents’ experience and our projects’ success!

Respect and harmonious relationships

Respect is a fundamental value that Residia shares on a daily basis with all its stakeholders. Internal and external customers dear to us are at the centre of everything we do. We believe that such respect guarantees healthy, harmonious and fulfilling relationships in the long term!

Flexibility and adaptability

Our flexibility, adaptability and resilience are remarkable and will seduce you! The advantage of being an integrated real estate organization – without intermediaries, is advantageous to our customers on many fronts. For all its projects, Residia is not only the developer but also the promoter, builder, seller, lessor and a the property manager.

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